Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shore to Please Giveaway Event: Go Cocktails Prize Pack

Now nothing reminds me of the beach or the summer as much as a nice refreshing cocktail. Sitting at a deck, over-looking the water, sipping a nice cool drink... I love my margaritas...and cosmos...and appletinis and lemon drops!  Of course, during swimsuit season I can't indulge as often as I would like because the calories in an average cocktail would mean my swimsuit wouldn't look quite as good.

Well, Go Cocktails has solved this problem.  Each of their cocktail mixers is just 5 calories! That's not a typo-not 50 calories, not 150 calories-just 5 calories each!

I received for review a package of 4 different types of cocktail mixers-Margarita, Cosmo, Appletini, and Lemon Drop flavors. Each mix is just 5 calories and is both sugar free & gluten free. 

I love how they come in single-serve packets.  These packets are incredibly convenient-the size of a Crystal Light packet they can be taken with you which means you can enjoy your diet drinks at a bar, restaurant, or a friend's BBQ. 

The mixes are dry and you mix them yourself.  It's very easy to make your drink-just take the mix, add water, and the appropriate alcohol and viola-a great cocktail! 

Now as for the taste, I was impressed by how good these mixers were.  My friends and I tested them out-no one even guessed that they were low-calorie.  Yes, they really are that good. 

What I Loved:
-The single-serve packets make it easy to take with you.  
-The taste!   You won't miss the extra 100 calories at all.
-Just 5 Calories! Every diet can afford 5 calories.

What's Not to Love:
-Nothing! I wish they could add more flavors. 

Why we're bringing Go Cocktails to the beach: At just 5 calories, anyone can indulge guilt-free!

Want to buy: Want to stock up on Go Cocktails! A box of 8 packets is just $4.99-just 62 cents per drink!  You can find them on

Now...Go Cocktails! has generously offered to provide one winner with a prize package with 1 box of each flavor and a cup! To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter form below.  

No compensation was received for this post. A product was sent by Go Cocktails! for review but a positive review was not necessary.  Go Cocktails! is providing the gift code for the winner.   Affiliate links may have been used in this post.
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