Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giveaway Event: Margarita Madness (A Recipe Blogging) Giveaway Event

Giveaway Event: Margarita Madness (A Recipe Blogging) Event

Who doesn't love margaritas? I know I do. Well now our followers can win an expensive Margarita maker.

This is going to be a Pinterest only giveaway event! Expect to get hundreds of new Pinterest followers. Many people don't want to use Facebook for sweepstakes, don't have Google +, etc-this giveaway event focuses on just Pinterest to make the contest more equal and fair. Following one blog on Pinterest will be one entry-easy!

Cost: $5 for 1 link, $8 for 2 links, $10 for 3 links

For this contest, you provide a link to an article/blog post that you want contest entrants to re-pin and add to board on Pinterest. Your blog posts must have a recipe and all recipes MUST have something to do with margaritas, cocktails, or summer drinks. Examples include popsicle recipes, margarita recipes, smoothie recipes, cupcakes, BBQ food,etc. For example the BBQ recipe could be Margarita Lime Chicken or Beer Can Chicken.

The idea behind this is that contest entrants are not just entering a contest-they're pinning to their favorite boards and finding new recipes for the future. Instead of just aimlessly entering a contest they're discovering a new "Margarita cupcake" recipe. In the future they're more likely to come back and look for more "Skinny" recipes or so.

Giveaway Dates: May 17th to May 31st 2012

Grand Prize: Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker which is valued at $425. This is an amazing margarita maker-something each of us can use for the summer. The prize can be found here The final prize may be determined by # of participating bloggers and may decrease.

To Participate: Please pay using Paypal.  You can send the payment to flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ $com%  or pay below.  This address is written this way to discourage spammers.  You can also comment here if you would rather I send you an invoice. :)

Promotions: We plan on promoting this giveaway event through various means including contest websites like ContestGirl. However, we are asking all participating bloggers to help-the more exposure we get, the more followers we get. Please tweet it, FB it, place it in linkies, etc!

Blogger Sign-up Dates: Beginning now until May 15th. However, we reserve the right to limit the number of blogs at anytime.

Please note that Pinterest is in no way associated with nor affiliated with this contest. Pinterest is not sponsoring this contest. In addition, the giveaway prize has not been sponsored by any one nor any company-it will be bought by us.

How will contest entrants enter? Our links will be on a blog post. A contest entrant will click on a blog post that interests them, will "Pin it" to Pinterest and follow that blogger, and will then enter that information on the Raffecopter form. One entry per day will be allowed.

Do I have to be a cooking blog? NO. Any type of blog can participate.

Please make sure that all information submitted is correct-double-check your Pinterest handle and e-mail address.



  1. New Jersey Girl I would like to join this event, but I am not sure how we can add our recipe posts on the google form before they go live. Help!

    1. Hey-the recipe posts should already be live before we publish. Publish the post now and then we will get tons of traffic later.